Monday, September 17, 2012

wrap it up pretty

I feel a bit jaded by the blog world lately. Sometimes I love how easy it is to find inspiration and ideas everywhere. Nowadays, however, I'm craving a style and an approach that's all my own and I find that I'm way too influenced by the things that I see and hear instead of the things that I imagine.

I've started thinking about grown-up things like where I see myself in one year, three years, five years, what my career goals are and which days are best to go to the grocery store. Taking time away from Google Reader has helped me hone in on that a bit -- the things I really want instead of the things I think I'm supposed to want.

Another great step? I finished up some collateral design work (new business cards and note cards) for a client recently and received their prints in the mail. It's so rejuvenating to see the tangible products of my work, to feel good about what I've done and excited to share the end product.

I wrapped it up nicely with some tissue paper and bias cut fabric ribbon, then stuck my new note cards and business cards in there. It feels good to send it away.

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