Monday, September 10, 2012

loving Old Navy

I was avoiding Old Navy for a few years. When you're 10, that's totally the place to shop (and mostly because that's just where Mom took you). When you're 14, you feel like wearing hot pink punky statement pieces and wish you were cool enough to even step inside a Hot Topic (or you were a Hollister frequenter, strong enough to withstand the smack of colognes and perfumes that permeated any 20 foot radius of the place and had the magical power of spotting exactly what you wanted even though the store was dark enough for a vampire to live in).

Fast forward a few years when you're a broke college kid and Target just isn't doing it for you. Old Navy is theoretically the place to go. Owned by the same company that birthed Gap and Banana Republic, you expect it to be the funky younger sister of the other stores. But for awhile it wasn't. For awhile, they were bland and kind of low-quality. Their stores were messy and always low-stocked. (Oddly, during this time, I found my favorite shoes at Old Navy.)

But now, Old Navy is turning around. I went into an Old Navy the other day that had candy at the checkout line. And space ice cream! And books! And Cliff bars! And my size in everything! Way cool. It was at this and I found my new all time favorite pants.

I know I said in this post that I'd be wearing Gap pants all the time, but it didn't work out. I brought them home and they fit awkwardly. You know, with that weird pulling around the hips. No good. Old Navy's where it's at. For now.

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