Monday, September 24, 2012

a fall collection

It's fall! I actually totally forgot that fall was officially coming this weekend. Probably because for the past few weeks, I've been obsessed with the fact that it was still hot gross summer.

I've been looking forward to roasting marshmallows, scarves, cozy socks and wearing jeans again. It's made me think about getting some new denim. You know you always have that one pair that you love so much you never take them off. That pair for me was a find at Fossil over a year ago. The dark wash and perfect fit on me is something I don't think I can ever replicate. So, I'm heading back to Fossil. :)

I love their fall collection -- it's a little bit equestrian and a little masculine. Dark and fall-inspired is just what I'm craving. How amazing is this outfit?

A few of my other favorite items from their fall collection include the Chelsea top, the adorable giraffe key fob, their striped chambray scarf (Ah! I must have it!) and the Vintage Revival Satchel in rust.

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