Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the secret to cleaning

The secret to enjoying the cleaning process is enjoying the products you use. (A compulsive need to see things go from icky to sparkly doesn't hurt too much, either.) I learned this on Sunday, the day after I got my new vacuum. Though I love cleaning, I do hate vacuuming. And mopping. Floor-related things. However, my new orange vacuum made me really excited to run that thing around my carpet.

A few cleaning items that might actually make you excited to do chores (if you're a nerd like me):

A scrubby brush with a modern, colorful handle.

Mrs. Meyer's always makes cleaning fun, especially when you get to look at her fun packaging and smell her sweet scents.

An orange vacuum? 'Nuff said. It works perfectly for my little apartment and the price is definitely within budget.

Stain solution that's beloved by many and looking as clean and sharp as you want your clothes to be.

Absorbent, soft, and sometimes scrub-worthy towels are a must.

Stick everything in a bold-patterned container.

Protect your hands with clean white gloves that have an extra soft lining.

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