Monday, February 6, 2012

fun & flirty Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has this tendency to make people upset, doesn't it? So many expectations! This year, I say we just enjoy that a day celebrating love (all kinds of love) even exists and have fun with it!

I put together two outfits for frolicking around town during the day, and hitting the town (be it with your friends or significant other) at night! This time around, I'm ditching the traditional pink and red and replacing it with my favorite coral for one fun and one flirty ensemble.


Top: Loose and embroidered in a coral-colored hue is easy to wear for lunch dates and play dates.

Chinos: Break up the red, pink, purples and corals with some soft blue chinos.

Ring: Who needs a diamond ring when you can have this adorable lotus flower ring?

Headwrap: Pull your hair back and let your pretty face shine! Blue stripes and a bow make this a winner.

Pumps: Um, helllloooo. Look at them. Why wouldn't you wear them on Valentine's Day?


Top: White and romantic with lace details makes for a perfect V-Day top.

Necklace: Valentine's Day doesn't have to be kitschy. Toss aside the heart pendant and don this tasseled crystal necklace.

Heels: Nude patent heels with a sexy cut is just the way to incorporate flirty elements into a subtle outfit.

Chinos: Bright and happy chinos make any Valentine's Day even more fun.

What are you wearing this Valentine's Day?

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