Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a night out in Paris

As promised, we're back with another set of outfits for our upcoming Paris trip! See Tiffany's post today on cafe lounging in Paris here.

Though we're all about comfort and warmth during our early-March trip to Paris, we can't help but encourage a splurge on our strict packing rules with a fun "night out" outfit. We're pairing classic pieces with some bright accessories for a look that's appropriate for the restaurants we'll be visiting and the wine we'll be sipping.

Black dress: This slinky but comfy number is dressy and sophisticated while still being flirty.

Trench coat: A wardrobe must-have. Stay warm at night with this classic trench (The one pictured is from Target). Double breasted with a belt makes for a beautiful silhouette.

Scarf: Everyone needs a scarf in Paris! Tie this colorful number around your neck for some flair and keep your neck warm from those nighttime breezes.

Clutch: Just because Parisians love the simplicity and sophistication of black and navy doesn't mean you can't carry around a bright orange clutch. This one's big enough to carry all of your necessities and the gold hardware is a win.

Earrings: With a bright scarf and clutch, you'll want to keep the jewelry minimalistic. I love these gold studs from Kate Spade.

Blush and eyeliner: Keep the bold makeup to a minimum, but make your face look bright and fresh with the perfect shade of blush and sleek cream eyeliner that won't smudge.

Booties: There's nothing quite like wearing your favorite shoes. These booties with a contrast zipper top of list of versatile pieces. The heel might prevent you from wearing them all day everyday, but they're adorable for going out at night! Paired with the dress and trench, they'll make your legs look killer.

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