Monday, January 23, 2012

on the plane to Paris

Today and next week, my sister and I are showing you our favorite outfits for our Paris trip! Take a look at the items she put together for sightseeing around the city here

Call me silly, but I'm of the philosophy that you must look fab, even at the airport. Please, please, forgo the Uggs and sweatshirts. You never know who you'll meet at the airport or on the plane -- whether it be a future business contact, a famous person, or the love of your life. (All real stories that I've heard before.)

Don't get me wrong, you still need to be comfortable, especially for long flights like ours to Paris. However, it's totally possible to still look put together and pretty while you're tackling flight delays, cramped seating and leg aches.

Sweater: I’m always cold when I fly. With the draftiness of terminals and air vents all over the cabin, you’ll need a warm cardigan to keep you comfortable. I also love this one and this one.

Tee: White v-necks are my go-to comfy shirt. Their crisp cleanness makes you look neat, but they’re just as soft as sleep shirts – and you know you’ll be doing some of that on the plane.

Jeggings: I know. Jeggings. But let’s be honest, some of them are quite presentable! Stretchy, soft, but just as presentable as regular jeans, they’re great for travel.

Flats: Flats are the best—easy to walk in and easy to take off during security checks. I love the metallic cap-toe on these.

Passport Cover: I love the colors of Baekgaard Ltd. passport covers, but they’re hard to find nowadays. Search for them on Ebay or, or find a designer one. I love this one from Kate Spade.
Burt’s Bees: No one wants to worry about makeup on the flight. Just keep your lips moisturized with some lip balm. A tint gives your face a little extra color.

Ring: One of the easiest pieces of jewelry to wear and the best accessory for flying, in my opinion. It makes you look like you put some thought into your outfit, but won’t pierce your neck when you sleep like earrings or get tangled in your hair like a necklace.

Dasani: Stay hydrated. Pick up a bottle of water in the airport so you won’t have to worry about open containers during the flight.

Tote: I love the clean lines of this tote. It’s perfect for carrying a tablet or reader, some snacks, and a toothbrush in case you get stuck somewhere. For more travel-friendly options, look for nylon bags that are easy to clean and can be folded, squished, or stuffed into small spaces. I like this one.

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  1. I love everything you picked out! Very simple but still a great look! Definitely keeping these things in mind for my vacation in April :)

  2. Thanks, Vanessa! I'm so glad you like them and I hope you have an awesome vacation!