Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!


For the past month, my family has been talking about celebrating Lunar New Year in Vietnam in a couple of years. I'm so excited thinking about the prospects. Here, our celebrations are limited to the weekends we have off and we make much less of a fuss about it. There are some festivals throughout the state, performances and dragon dances, but nothing like celebrations in the East, where everyone prepares for weeks.

My mother has been telling me about how there is a massive cleaning spree in the weeks leading up to the New Year. Old things are thrown out and every inch of space is scrubbed clean. In the first week of the New Year, no one is allowed to sweep the house in case you sweep away the good luck. There are many other traditions and superstitions and I love the meaning of them all.

This year, I wish I could go home to celebrate with my family. (Plus, let's just be honest, there's a ton of good food I'm missing out on. That's another bonus of the New Year.) I think it's a little sad that we've let the holiday pass by without much celebration for the past few years since my sister and I don't live at home anymore.

But here's to a wonderful New Year! I hope the Year of the Dragon brings you luck and happiness!

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