Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dress your desk in stripes

After last week's geometric office supplies post, I couldn't help but do a follow up with one of my favorite patterns. Not geometric, but perfectly colorful and inspiring, stripes fit in perfectly with the organized lines and layouts of an office.

1. A bright red and happy horizontal stripes make this pencil pouch easy to find in your bag.
2. A catch-all for magazines and documents, these files will fit perfectly on a bookcase.
3. My iPhone is a permanent fixture on my desk. Taking phone calls and meetings gets to much sweeter with this candy-scented case.
4. One of my favorite striped products, the lines on these notepads are subtle enough for writing to stand out and keep thoughts organized.
5. I think stationery is a must for the office. Skip the email on occasion and send a pretty note with a killer liner.
6. Does anyone else prefer a pencil to a pen? I'm crazy for this rainbow-striped set.
7. I love this classic canvas tote. You can't go wrong with bold black stripes.

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