Friday, January 13, 2012


I did my semi-annual school shopping spree last week. Now that I'm a senior in college, that really means buying a notebook and new pens. Okay, and a mini clipboard....and I was also tempted by new binder clips, Sharpies, eco-friendly tape and puppy calendars. And I may have spent a longer-than-normal amount of time comparing paper quality between college-ruled three-subject notebooks while my friends tested desk chairs.

THE POINT IS: there is some ugly crap out there. I have my go-to Plain Jane supplies like my Pilot pens and Bic mechanical pencils. However, for other things, it's often best to step out of the box and make your desk area look a little more like it's a place of work, not a place where '80's-inspired plastic and paper products come to die.

Some companies have already started to do this. Bic came out with a "Just for Her" line that my friends and I argue is a) sexist and b) has a similar packaging aesthetic as tampons. (Props to Bic, however, for trying to market a thinner design and pastel colors.) Scotch tape thought it was brilliant to also market to women and their quirky taste, creating these horrendous tape dispensers shaped like pumps. (Bonus: they also come with rhinestones so you can add extra glam!)

I am a firm believer that your desk and your office supplies should not fall prey to the limited aesthetically-pleasing lines of products at major office supply stores. I also firmly believe that office supplies shouldn't be limited to pens, paper and the like. Your desk is meaningful -- supposedly you do your best work there. And supposedly, you spend about half your life working. Therefore, your desk needs to be a creative and productive haven. In my ideal world, it also comes with a punch of color and pattern. After all, the two stimulate the brain, right?

Here are my favorite geometrically-inspired office picks:

1. The benefits of a pillow in the office are numerous. If you don't have an ergonomic chair, they provide back support. They also brighten up your office with color! Especially if you have another chair in the room for meetings.

2. I like the idea of keeping plants nearby. They'll remind you of nature and the need to remain relaxed. I love this planter for it's shape, but also for it's neutral color. Sometimes too much color is draining.

3. When you've got a creative block or need a healthy distraction, these painted wooden blocks are the ticket. Rearrange them to create fun shapes.

4. Coffee (or tea) is sometimes a must. There are usually about three drinking vessels on my desk at one time. Keep the theme going with a colorful and abstract printed mug.

5. I love sending a handwritten note off with packages, mailings and well, just for fun. These cards are paired nicely with a kraft envelope.

6. Carry the theme over into everyday minutiae. This wooden key chain is a day-brightener.

7. You gotta store your books somewhere -- how about a crazy-shelved bookcase? You wouldn't expect it, but books look even better in these jumbled pockets of space.

8. Finally, don't forget about the floor. A fun rug will brighten up the space and remind you of how great an idea it was to design your office.

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