Friday, February 10, 2012

a Valentine's Day at home

Who says Valentine's Day means you have to go out? Call me a homebody, but I do prefer staying in with good entertainment and great company on most nights. I've put together some of my favorite pink, coral and red finds for a night in with good friends.

1. Pearlescent gumballs would make a fun (and edible) centerpiece.

2. Peony and white lily-scented soap is not only pretty-smelling for the powder room, but it's packaging is lovely, too.

3. Ah, love. Flip through a few pages (or the whole book!) of Pablo Neruda's famous love poems as a reminder of what the day celebrates.

4. Even if you're staying in, you can don a piece of jewelry. I love this adorable bow cuff.

5. I promise I'm won't blame you for slipping into these PJs before bedtime. Comfy with a cute red bow -- sounds like the best Valentine's Day.

6. Send your friends home with leftover treats in these icing-like bags.

7. Maybe you have to step out and run to the store for that bottle of wine you forgot to buy -- acknowledge the holiday with this toile clutch.

8. Half the battle of hosting is creating ambiance, right? Light this sweet-smelling candle and you won't have to worry.

9. Remember those Disney princess and superhero paper Valentine's you handed out in elementary school? Replace them with an equally sweet sentiment -- deliciously-packaged chocolate bars.

10. Don't forget spread the love and send loved ones a letter in the mail! This floral card is straightforward and cheery.

11. Deck your home in V-Day fun! This felt heart garland will make things extra festive.

12. Put a few pops of red around the house. I love that this tea towel brings some joy to the mundane.

13. I love these love letter vials! Everything you need to write a note of secret admiration is included.

14. Pop a bottle of rose for easy sipping through the night. It pairs perfectly with fruit, cheese and crackers.

15. For dessert, how about some strawberry cupcakes? Even better, top them with these heart decorations!

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day?

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