Monday, November 7, 2011

subtle energy

Last week's neon office inspiration might be a little too bold, so I thought I'd try something a little more subtle.

 Here are some of my favorite pastel-colored office supplies and accessories:

1. Get inspired for work with a decorator's classic, Domino.
2. Though it's meant for eggs, this crate is also perfect for catching paper clips, erasers, push pins and more.
3. Work stressing you out? Light a candle and relax.
4. Keep track of things to take note of with these stickies.
5. Files look so much better in a colorful folder.
6. A soft-colored rug gives the whole room a calming effect.
7. Stable, but easy to fold and put aside, this desk is great for multipurpose office spaces.
8. You'll look for things to clip together when you have these multicolored paper clips.
9. Clear tape is out. Cute Tape is, well, cuter.

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