Wednesday, November 9, 2011

warm feet

Call me crazy, but socks are awesome. Sometimes when I think of them, I think of those white crew socks that some people wear with those black Adidas sandals (not so awesome). Then, that makes me think of that crazy commercial where the dad is dipping his kid's feet in a white glue-like concoction because their socks keep slipping (just kind of gross).

Via Lyla & Blu

BUT. Other times I think of warm feet and fun colors and cool patterns and how cute socks look when they're peeking out of knee-high boots or under your favorite flannel pajama pants.

Via Electric Raspberry

My roommate and I just turned on the heat in our uninsulated apartment last week. The nights were rough and I bundled up in my favorite PJs, sweaters, socks and quilts (yeah, all of it). It was then that I knew what would be number one on my Christmas list. Socks, life savers they are.

Here are some of my favorites I've seen lately.






American Eagle


And, surprisingly, I'm feelin' these sock booties from Old Navy.

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