Monday, October 31, 2011

burst of energy

As I sit here and put off writing my two papers, I can't help thinking a lot about my dream office (and really, Pinterest is not helping the procrastination situation). What is constantly going to inspire me, boost my energy and keep me happy? Neon might be too bold for some people, and I can see how anyone can easily tire of the glowing colors, but isn't it just fabulous to dream about?

Here are some of my favorite neon office supplies:

1. This laptop case looks so good, you'll want to tuck your computer in it at night.
2. Bright neon pens brighten up any to-do list or contract.
3. Stick your pens in this circus-y tumbler when you're done for the day.
4. This bright orange ruler makes it easy to find when you're in a measuring rut.
5. A yellow notebook is a sight for sore eyes and sure to inspire.
6. Stack a Hawaiian-inspired and a quilt-pattern pillow on office chairs for back support and fun patterns.
7. Share the neon love with these calligraphy note cards.
8. A toned down and sleek desk chair will make your accessories pop.

What does your dream office look like?