Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jessica’s 10 Summer Essentials

Hi guys! I brought in my good friend Jessica for a guest post today. Her Tumblr, Jane Austen Meets Southern Prepster is a favorite of mine and stands up to it's name!

Hi y’all! I’m Jessica of Jane Austen Prepster I am really excited to be posting here on Nicole’s blog! We traded posts this week (hers on Monogrammed Wedding Cakes can be found here) and Nicole asked me to create a Summer Essentials list!

Now my Top 10 Summer Essentials:

Sunscreen is of course my main summer essential since I have pale skin, burn easily and skin cancer has occurred in my family previously. Protect your skin with sunscreen, no matter if you are running around the block, sitting by the pool, gardening, or driving with the top down. Protect the largest organ you have!

2. Great Beach Tote
I love the L.L. Bean Canvas Boat Totes since they come in many different sizes for weekend trips, trips to the beach or just toting around books in case you are stuck in summer school. You can also have them monogrammed! Another option is the Vineyard Vines Classic Tote.

3. Shorts
White shorts are a summer staple and I spend the rest of my summer in Nike Tempo Shorts whether running around the block, running errands, or poolside.

4. Koozies
These fun and colorful additions to any barbeque, get together, or poolside relaxing add a splash of personalization to your drink so it will not get lost in the crowd. You will not have to worry about your drink sweating, but rather can stay cool in the summer heat.

My go-to cup throughout the year. The doubled wall design keeps drinks cool and since it is plastic, it is ok to accidently drop on it concrete like that around my pool. It is virtually unbreakable and I quickly fill it with water to take in my car if I am running errands around town.

6. Music
A road-trip, some poolside time, an evening drive, an early morning run, a sporadic dance party all require music and summer is the perfect time to find music to jam to. My current summer favorites (since I am a big country music fan) include: Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean, Mean byTaylor Swift, Easy by Rascal Flatts, Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer, LastFriday Night by Katy Perry, Poison and Wine by Civil Wars and Who Says bySelena Gomez. My music selection is pretty open to anything so listening to the radio is always a reminder of summer for me.

7. Sundresses
The quickest way to look cute during the summer is to throw on a cute sundress add some sandals. You look adorable without even trying and you stay cool as well.  Sundresses also make great swimsuit covers if you are in a hurry or don’t have a lot of packing space when you are beach-bound.

8. Beach Reads
Summer is the time I am able to relax and catch up on some personal, enjoyable reading. I always start first with books that my Mom has bought for me since authors continue to produce books for my favorite series even when I am away at school. Then I move on to the books of authors I love or the books that everyone is talking about. For this summer, I would suggest lighthearted, funny romances that are quick to read and require little interpretation or thought. I also often read books that are about to become films since I try to read the novel before being influenced by the movie. Books on the list this summer: The Help, Water for Elephants, Something Borrowed, True Believer, Harry Potter Book 7.

9. Swimsuit
A cute swimsuit is a must for lying out by the pool, the beach, or water parks. I love the idea of mixing pieces to create a personalized suit that fits you perfectly. 

10. Sunglasses
Obviously you need to protect your eyes so pick out a super cute pair and keep your eyes in the shade!

Honorable Mentions:  
Neon Nail Polishes—I love a hot pink polish on my toes. 
Tinted Moisturizer since no one wants to wear a lot of makeup in the heat.
Flip flops—although I wear flip flops almost year-round, my Rainbows are my go-to shoes during the summer.

I hope you liked my post and thanks again for letting me guest blog!

What are your summer essentials?

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