Thursday, May 19, 2011

the stapler search

It is my goal by the time September rolls around to have found the perfect orange stapler. This is harder than you would think! Unlike pens, post-its and scissors, they just don't make staplers in all colors. (I don't count the mini staplers as real staplers. They're not the same and, not to be anti-mini, they just don't get the job done right.)

This find must be both functional and pretty, which is why I hesitate to buy when I do see an orange stapler. Will it break? Will it lock in place? Will it staple through 20 pages at once? Is it comfortable to use? These questions are critical because I take my office supplies seriously. Part of my success (and general happiness) in life is derived from functional office supplies.

Here's what I've rounded up so far:
1. The classic red Swingline stapler, a la Office Space.
2. Another nice option and my fallback if the orange stapler search fails, the chrome Swingline.
3. This one is also called the Red Office Space stapler by it's seller, Think Geek on Amazon. The color looks more orange, though and I am hoping (though probably in vain) that it is a mislabeled orange Swingline which is now discontinued.
4. The Anything stapler in orange. It's my best bet so far and only about $15 on See Jane Work. However, I can't find any reviews about its functionality.
5. Then there's this cutie, the Eco Staple-Free Stapler Cubed from Made by Humans. I love this stapler for being cute, square and eco-friendly, but it's not what I want.

What I would really love is the true orange Swingline stapler:

The stapler used to be sold exclusively on CB2, but is now no longer available. I can't find it anywhere. If you know where I can get one, tell me!!

For now, I'll be shopping for pens, post-its and other attainable office supplies.


  1. I just had someone email me to ask me where to get one of those too! We are emailing Swingline to see if they can track down any orange ones for us. I'll let you know if we find one!