Tuesday, May 24, 2011

desk makeover

This weekend I moved into my first apartment! We signed the lease, paid our rent, set up our utilities and now we are moved in! I'm always tempted to buy new things for new places but that's silly for a number of reasons. Topmost on the list is that it's expensive.

Luckily, I like everything I own. Well, with one exception: my desk. The desk is a hand-me-down from my sister and used to be in pretty good shape. We bought it at Target years ago and it's still very usable. However, over the years, we stopped caring for it. Finish from the top came off where we had left sticky things, and there was a strange bubbly texture on the top, maybe from water. It needed a makeover. And it needed to match my room.

Before, the desk looked like this, only in a birch color:

After some sanding, primer and paint, it now looks like this:

See that desk chair? It's getting painted next.


I'll admit, it's not perfect. While I like that the desk can hold a lot with the shelves on both sides, I don't like that all my things are open and displayed. Additionally, the paint was scuffed during the move and there's a part of the top that peeled away from the surface already. But those things can be fixed and overall, the desk looks a lot more like me.

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