Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#72 the one in which I cut 11 inches from my hair!

I had this tendency to grow my hair out long and then cut it short every year or two. Each time I had it cut, I would see inches fall to the ground and think, "Just a few more inches and I could have donated that." I finally made it a goal to do so when I started making my 101 list back in October. Back then, my hair was already long. I knew that with some patience, I could donate enough inches.

Months and inches of hair later, I was ready! Hearing the shears cut through my ponytail gave me the strangest feeling! I thought I would be nervous, but it was liberating. Take a look!

I have to admit that I will miss whipping my hair back and forth (a la Willow Smith), setting huge curls in it, and putting it in a twist. However, my new hair is so much lighter! I look a little more put together now and I'm excited for something new.

The 11 inches of my hair will be going to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which uses the donated hair to make wigs for women who have lost their hair from cancer. The wigs are distributed for free through American Cancer Society wig banks throughout the country.

Have any of you donated your hair before? What was the experience like?