Friday, May 11, 2012

settling in

I have officially, successfully moved into my apartment! After two weekends of bringing small loads in my tiny car and one day of heavy lifting, I finally filled up the place. (Kudos to my dad for strapping all of my stuff into the back of his truck and then doing the majority of the heavy lifting up three flights of stairs.) Honestly, I'm a little disgusted that I've accumulated so much stuff in the past four years that I can fill up an entire apartment without buying anything new...well, except for a new dining room table that I'm now using as my desk.

I've been here for about two weeks, but there are still quite a few things that I still need to get.

1. Rocking chairs for the balcony
2. A knife set. Okay, in reality I'll probably get something like these. But how could I resist an orange set?
3. New flatware

Thankfully, I have some wonderful friends who have given me some awesome housewarming gifts! Remember this plate? My friend Melissa gifted it when she came over for dinner the first time. I have to tell myself not to use it for absolutely every meal. I've also received some stemless wine glasses and wine! Good call, friends. :)

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