Wednesday, February 29, 2012

how to be a vegan

I Googled "How to be a vegan" the other day.

I know.

But honestly, there really should be how-to's for life decisions like these! I knew that being a vegan meant not eating anything related to animals, but there were many foods that I was still on the fence about. Bread? Honey? Gah, I wasn't sure! I did a lot of research to come up with the following infographic. Hopefully, this can be of some help to someone in the future.

I also love this infographic on vegan myths, debunked.
And this vegan baking cheat sheet.


  1. my boyfriend tried a vegan diet for 6 weeks - this would've been so helpful for him! though i don't think i could survive very well on the diet, i'm definitely thinking of going pesceterian. it's all about easing into the diet and out of it, if and when you choose to quit. awesome post!

  2. Thank you so much, Megan! I agree, it's all about easing in and choosing what's best for your lifestyle!