Monday, December 19, 2011

on animals

Remember back in April when I said I'd give vegetarianism a trial run? It's been almost nine months and I'm still going strong! I love it. I love how conscious it's made me of what I eat, how it's made me more creative in the kitchen, and how many benefits (for me and the environment) there are.


However, as the countdown to Paris commences, it's made me really consider how one week abroad can change your lifestyle. After much debate, internal guilt, and finally, reasoning and acceptance, I've decided to go back to eating meat while in Paris.

Smitten Kitchen
From what I've heard through my worldly friends and family, and from what I've read, the French approach their food with much more regard than Americans. They use the land and live most naturally. Menus are crafted with consideration to the seasons and to what's local and fresh. Food is made like an art, and eaten like so. Animals are considered a part of the land, not a supply meant to be dispersed quickly and cheaply to the masses.

So. Beginning on January 1, I'll be eating (carefully chosen) meats again in order to acclimate my stomach to the gastro-tour I'll be taking of France!

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