Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I get restless often. It mostly happens after 10pm when I've finished doing whatever I'm doing and I get the chance to breathe and realize I'm still aching to do something else, experience something else, feel something else. Usually, I get over the feeling quickly.

Other times, the feeling sticks around like a virus for a looong time. Maybe a week, maybe a couple of months. That's when I know something needs to change.

I've been dying to dye my hair again. DYYYING. But I know I can't do it. This isn't freshman year anymore (when I had purple streaks in  my hair).

You can kind of see it here.

I have a job to do and people to meet and a persona of professionalism to give off. Don't you just hate that you can't have bright pink hair and be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? It's sad. 

For now, I have to resort to lusting over what could be.

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