Friday, September 30, 2011


This summer I woke up and wanted to run. That's never happened before. I think that after making the transition to vegetarianism, I got on this health kick that's been alive but dormant in me for quite some time. I started doing yoga, eating healthier, thinking happier thoughts, and...running. I hate running. (Read: What's happening to me??) But I told everyone I knew that I was starting to run -- you know, for accountability (I definitely wasn't running 10 miles a day. More like 0.8) -- got some good shoes and started doing it.

Now. I'm not exactly the most motivated when it comes to getting my butt of the couch, but I did it. However, when school started, I found myself always exhausted and running was pushed aside to make way for sleep. That's always why I've been MIA on the blog lately. I told my sister I'd register for the Susan G. Komen this weekend, but I knew I wouldn't be prepared. Now, I've finally registered for my first 5K in Williamsburg on Thanksgiving Day. The Blue Talon Turkey Trot takes you through colonial Williamsburg and the campus of William and Mary. Win? I think so, too.

It's quite difficult to stay motivated, so today marks a series of weekly "Happy Thoughts on Running" posts until the 5K. That, and the good thoughts from my marathoner friends should do the trick. (No really, though, SO many of my friends run marathons. #superduper)

If that photo can't keep you motivated, what can?

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