Friday, August 19, 2011


Y'all know I don't get too wordy here on the blog. I'm quite a visual person. But sometimes you gotta lay it all out.

Here's how this post was born:
1. Run around like a crazy chicken all week, working and getting organized.
2. Realize Thursday night after forgetting about an important meeting that I'm not actually organized.
3. Stay up trying to get organized.
4. Realize I've been sick all week and need to get to bed at a decent hour because I work 11 hours tomorrow.
5. Try to unplug and get to bed.
6. Have too many thoughts running around.
7. Ask myself, "How the frick do I unplug??"

Let's break it down here. I need sleep. When you're sick and you don't realize it, it hits you at the most inopportune time. For instance, as you're gearing up for the potentially most terrifying year of young adult life -- your senior year of college.

This summer, I've been pretty happy working my 9 to 5 with my internship and regular job. When the internship ended and I started my second job, it was still pretty easy to schedule the two around each other. Add in classes + club meetings + personal life and you start to have a problem. Things don't add up perfectly ever. This isn't a "my life is hard" post, but rather a "life is difficult so you better buck up and take a chill pill once in awhile" post.

When you've got a million things on your plate, emails piling up, a to-do list longer than you are tall, and the world's most attractive men on TV, how do you unplug at the end of the day and stay healthy -- mentally and physically?

I think this is how you're supposed to do it. But I'm no expert.

(Click the image to make it larger)

I really want to know, how do you unplug?


  1. Hey Nicole!

    I make sure that I give myself a chance to connect with friends outside of the "work" context, which means not just away from work but away from the people you work with on a regular basis.

    I also make sure to schedule in physical activity to release the stress and frustration. Why do you think tennis was so important to me at UNC? Now at Maryland, I have my gym membership and will be starting a regular regime of gym time at least 3 times per week, in addition to my new Maryland Tennis Club. Even a simple walk can be the best way to release and refocus.

    Finding a way to reorganize your thinking to understand that nothing it truly the end of the world and that some things can truly wait until tomorrow is difficult but necessary. I know I don't model that all the time but I have also not given up on working on it.

    Sleeping and eating are the most vital things we do to physically live but are the first two things to get thrown away when we get stressed. Planning around those items gives you a chance to maintain some semblance of balance and some perspective as how to prioritize your To-Do list.

    Hang in there and let me know if I can ever give you support. I'm always good for a virtual drop in your bucket. :)


  2. Hi Dan!!

    Such great advice -- your whole comment was a drop in my bucket (Seriously miss those!). You're absolutely right about taking yourself out of the work context, scheduling in physical activity and just plain eating and sleeping regularly.

    I'm definitely trying to get back into my healthy routine, but it's been hard these past few weeks. Thank you for the advice!