Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a bit biased

Over the weekend I went a little fabric-happy. 

You already know from this post that I made super-cute pillows. (In my opinion. I mean, I did make them.) But I also bought some teal-ish aqua fabric and navy fabric for another project. Though I've lived in my apartment for three months already, my living room remains sadly (and boringly) undecorated. Part of this is because color matching to a dark teal-green leather coach is difficult. I finally brought back some canvas frames from home and decided to cover them in fabric. I sewed the two fabric pieces together and stapled them to the frame on the bias.

It's not perfect, but it's the right pop of color that we need. Hopefully I'll come up with something to do with my 3ft x 7ft frame I made a few weeks ago, too.

Next project on the docket? Revamping a chair I bought at my local Habitat Restore.

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