Monday, April 4, 2011

new things

A few weeks ago while I was cleaning my bathroom and ready to attack my toothbrush holder with soap and water, I ran into a problem. As I was cleaning the holder, it fell apart in my hands. Apparently up until that fateful moment, this holder had barely been hanging on to life. A rough touch completely ruined this thing. I suppose it had been exposed to water and steam for too long -- I do tend to keep my things until they are literally unusable -- and the screw that was holding the base to the stem had rusted.

Alas, I was toothbrush holder-less. But then, on another fateful day, I walked into Anthropologie and walked out with their Fleur-De-Lys juice glasses that I repurposed as my new toothbrush holding contraption!

They come in four colors, dark yellow, green, pink and clear. I chose clear because I couldn't decide!

After some deliberation, I may return the clear and get the green, although the dark yellow is pretty, too!

To end on a more decisive note, I did see the best mug ever, the Sunny Trails mug in yellow! I think I will go back and bring it home with me. Look at those feet!


  1. Funny you mention using Anthropology glasses as a toothbrush holder:

    (Toothbrush holder was the Euro Milk Glass from Anthropologie:

    I bought it about a month ago when I was in Charlotte. Love it.

  2. I was so close to buying the same glass! It's so cute.

  3. Oh, so you have a new glass toothbrush holder now! The green one is better, although the Sunny Tails mug is cute, too. Just be more careful this time. That's glass and it's more slippery.

    Emmy Summers