Monday, July 9, 2012

summer in action

I've been MIA lately, but that's because my friends and I have been enjoying our summers to the fullest. The beginning of July was like a dream.

Yup! That's Philip from His + Hers on the right.

We took off to Deltaville for the weekend (making an obligatory road-trip stop along the way at Bojangles) and spent most of Saturday and Sunday pool-side. Two of my friends ran a 5K Saturday morning, but I decided to sleep in. Waking up and coming downstairs to this view is something I could get used to:

Storms basically attacked all of Virginia while we were there, but luckily we only saw raindrops at night. We got to watch the lightning and thunder from the storm roll in down the river -- it was amazing to see the sky light up with each bolt of lightning.

One of my favorite parts of this tiny town is that fresh produce and seafood is so easy to come by. We stopped by the seafood market and local produce stand to pick up some crab cakes and veggies for dinner. Everything looked so fresh and delicious.

In between swimming, going out on the Wave Runner, taking naps in the hammock and eating delicious food, I managed to pick up a giant tan and develop a new love for a dog named Drummer. I'd call it a successful weekend.

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