Monday, June 4, 2012

shoe lusting

You wouldn't be able to tell now, but I used to have a pretty ballin' shoe collection. I rocked heels regularly, in colors ranging from black to bright yellow. Since going to college at a place named after a hill, my feet have been looking quite boring.

It's time for a shoe wish list.

A. Suede heels with a coral platform. Love.

B. A little more demure, great summer option.

C. What's life without a little neon?

D. A classic nude pump with an asymmetrical line.

E. The color is called "hot coral" so you can't go wrong.

F. Go-to black sandals with some height.

G. They're pink. And they're hot. I need these.


  1. Hi Nicole, My name is Linghesh and I love your blog and all your posts for Southern Weddings. I'm a recent grad too, since last December in Romance Languages (french & italian) from the University of Oregon. I love reading your posts because my personal dream is to pursue a career in magazine journalism and I hope to one day study at UNC Chapel Hill. I personally love the black heels post because they work well for late summer nights and dressy dates or can edge up a flirty sundress or floral outfit.

  2. Hi Linghesh! Thank you so much for checking out my personal blog, I'm so glad you're a SW reader! Let me know if you ever come to Chapel Hill -- I love it here :)

    Those black heels are a staple! I love the idea of pairing them with a flirty sundress.

  3. Thanks for responding, I will definitely let you know if I ever come to Chapel Hill. My family used to live there when I was really young, so it would be nice to go back for a visit.

  4. I would gladly accept A and E...