Wednesday, June 6, 2012


There's something about warmer weather that makes me love gingham. Maybe it's because the pattern reminds me of picnic and cookouts. Or maybe it's because I'm dying for a lightweight gingham shirt to wear this summer.

I came across these adorable gingham twist ties from Pretty Tape on Etsy while I was searching for washi tape last week. Aren't they perfect?? For $2.50 for a set of 30, there's really no reason not to buy them.

And then of course, there's actual gingham washi tape! You might see these on my desk next week.


  1. I love the gingham twist ties! It's so fun to find upgraded everyday items, and I'm such a sucker for things like that. Example: I think I have 7 or so different designs of muffin cups in my kitchen. :-)

    P.S. Congrats on working with Emily Ley!

  2. Hi Katie! Thank you so much!

    Patterned muffin cups are a must! I always feel like they made my cupcakes look like they taste better :)

  3. Love that washi tape:) Gingham is definitely a favorite this season!