Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ice cream

Okay. Summer isn't quite here yet, but I did get a tan just sitting outside the other day, so I'm gonna go ahead and say full-on ice cream cravings are warranted.

Last year, I bought an ice cream maker, under the impression that I'd, you know, use it. And I did use it! Twice. Once my roommate and I made coconut ice cream in an attempt to recreate one of our favorite local restaurant's treats. Unfortunately, it tasted like sun screen.

Then there was that time that I bought a tub of already-made vanilla and a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream and dumped them both in the machine to blend. We like to keep things classy over here. (This one actually turned out awesome. If you want to do the same -- I promise I won't tell on you for cheating -- all you need is a quart of ice cream and about three shots of Bailey's. So you can save the rest for your morning milk. Just kidding!)

This year I am really determined to use the darn machine! With the acquisition of an ice-cream loving partner-in-crime, I think I can actually do this.

Here are some of the recipes I'm ready to try.

Top Row: Blueberry Muffin Ice Cream // Pistachio Ice Cream // Lavender Ice Cream with Honey
Bottom Row: Strawberry Ice Cream // Nutella Ice Cream // Peach Cantaloupe Sorbet


  1. They all look lovely!! I am missing yopo though. I will have to let you know if I visit CH this summer and you can create some yummy ice cream!

  2. Yes, please!! Sounds like the perfect combination :)

  3. I'm curious as to who your new PIC is...