Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a drawstring sewing bag!

Last year, I was lucky enough to get a sewing machine for Christmas. Sadly, it stayed in its box for about 5 months instead of being used. School and work picked up and there was no time to craft. (My mom and I did manage to make a red seersucker dress one weekend while I was home, though.)

Now that I'm settled in the new place and have some time on the weekends, I've finally released the machine from its box for good. However, it needed a little more protection so that the needle wouldn't break and the parts stayed together. Additionally, the cords and the pedal were just hanging out under my desk and needed to be put away.

This weekend, I dropped by Jo Ann and picked up some fabric. About an hour later, I had a drawstring bag for my sewing machine and a mini drawstring bag for the cords and pedal.

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