Monday, March 28, 2011

#95 the one in which I make a recipe book

As a food-lover, it's hard not to get caught up in finding recipes for your favorite desserts or saving everything you see on Smitten Kitchen. After three months of having my own kitchen last summer, I knew I had to do something about my growing recipe collection. I mean, it's just bad news bears to read recipes off of your laptop in the kitchen with things boiling and spilling about.

To solve the problem (and come on, for an excuse to get involved in another craft project), I made a recipe book! Here's what I did in case you want to make your own.

1. I started with a plain black binder. It's easy to add recipes to and really cheap.
2. I made stencils of a chef's hat and mustache that I would appear on the cover of my recipe book in felt.

 3. I cut out the felt pieces and pinned them to the fabric that would cover the book.

4. Then I hand stitched them on.

5. I hot glued the fabric to the binder, with about a half inch of fabric wrapping around to the inside. Then I hot glued black ribbon to the inside of the binder.

6. I lined the inside of the book with leftover scraps of fabric and card stock. This covers the raw edges left over from covering the outside of the book.

7. When you're done, you have this! It's dry and ready for tons of yummy recipes!


  1. Ahh how cute! I've always been jealous of your crafty skill.

    Good news! As of August, I will have a kitchen and you are invited to come over and bake goodies whenever you would like! On that note, I have not seen you in ages and I hope you've been doing well!


  2. Thank you!!

    I would LOVE to bake goodies with you! It's been too long since we've even been in the same room together.